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Massier family, Namibia

The Massier Family: Colette (Cleotrivia coletteae), Joan (Marginella joanmassierae), Werner (Barycypraea fultoni massieri), Nicola (Aclyvolva nicolamassierae)

Cosmetalepas massieri Trivia massieri Bolma massieri

Cosmetalepas massieri

Trivia massieri

Bolma massieri

Marginella felixi Felix

Marginella felixi

Named after my Airedale Terrier, Felix, the first obedience champion in Namibia

About me

From footballer to *strandloper

I left Germany for the endless sunshine and horizons of Namibia in 1967, and can now proudly look back on 40 years of collecting, researching and selling shells. I arrived in the Namibian capital of Windhoek to continue my football (soccer) career, but after a holiday to the Seychelles decided to swap football boots for flip flops, and started collecting shells. One shell became several thousands.

My expertise is self-acquired, and entirely at your disposal. I have described many new species in the Marginellidae, Cypraeidae and Patellidae families, and numerous species have been named after me and members of my family. See my Massier Species section for the details. My passion for shells has led me to far-flung corners of the world, but my heart remains in Africa. Whether living with the locals in Mozambique, being stranded in Angola or haggling at a market in Zanzibar, my adventures have left me with unforgettable memories and fascinating shells.

After 14 years in South Africa, I returned to Namibia and now live in the German-inspired seaside resort of Swakopmund. It's balanced precariously between the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Namib Desert in the East.

* Afrikaans/African Dutch for "beach walker"