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Cypraea caurica elongata - super giant

€ 15.00

Size: 56,8
Condition: F+++
Description: fantastic size + excellent condition
Locality: Madagascar



Cypraea cinerea

€ 3.00

Size: 25,4
Condition: F++
Description: ex pisce off Brasil but it is not ssp. brasiliensis
Locality: Brasil



Cypraea comma - spotted margin

€ 12.00

Size: 18,4
Condition: Gem
Description: columellar margin covered with spots
Locality: Zanzibar



Cypraea diluculum virginalis

€ 4.00

Size: 17,9
Condition: F+
Description: a true virginals with no spots whatsoever on margins + base
Locality: Zanzibar



Cypraea lurida pulchroides

€ 8.00

Size: 37,5
Condition: F++
Description: with 2 lighter bands
Locality: Ghana



Melapium elatum - deep-water form

€ 65.00

Size: 48,6
Condition: F+
Description: the rare deep-water form; trawled alive; deep purple columella; always with rough lip; best quality possible
Locality: Mozambique



Bayerotrochus africanus - cf.

€ 220.00

Size: 83,0
Condition: F+++
Description: w/o lower spire than usually; excellent quality; clean slit; could be something different
Locality: Mozambique



Calliostoma muriellae

€ 45.00

Size: 25,0
Condition: F+
Description: w/o growth mark near lip; a very special price for this rare species from 680 m
Locality: Mozambique



Comitas saldanhae - NEW WORLD RECORD SIZE

€ 35.00

Size: 65,5
Condition: F+
Description: this is a new world record size; still unregistered; as always chalky
Locality: Namibia



Callipara aikeni kosibayensis

€ 60.00

Size: 45,7
Condition: F+
Description: most difficult to find; from 280 m; lovely striped pattern; protoconch fully intact
Locality: Mozambique



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